Vision - Mission

"Promoting the development of the energy industry in Vietnam, spreading loving energy to the society."

Striving to become a leading enterprise in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia is implementing renewable energy, environment and infrastructure projects.

Not only simply promoting the development of the energy industry in Vietnam, Phu Yen TTP Joint Stocl Company also hopes to join hands to spread love to the community, together bulding a strong society, solidarity, mutual love.

6 strategic goals

Product: With a pioneering spirit but always towards people and nature, we hope to create value, provide the best service to society and customers through clean energy.

Operate: Constantly developing business activities, striving to reach the national stature in the field of renewable energy.

Growth: Sustainable growth is accompanied by strong domestic and international partners.

Cultural: A professional working environment with a fundamental value of ethics and integrity.

Community: Bring many opportunities to people, community and society. Since then, it can understand the people's thoughts and timely support the difficulties of the people.

Environment: Business activities always go along with the responsibility to protect nature and the environment.